Student Travel Grants

SIGHPC is generously sponsoring travel grants for two undergraduate or graduate students to attend PASC18. One applicant traveling from within Europe and one applicant traveling from another continent will be selected. The student traveling from within Europe will be awarded a maximum grant of $600, and a maximum allowance of $1200 will be given to the selected student traveling from other continents. Moreover, PASC18 will cover the corresponding registration fee for the two selected students.

SIGHPC and PASC18 encourage students to submit a contribution to PASC18; however, this is not a requirement of the award.

Applications are due by February 14, 2018, with notification provided by March 1, 2018.

To apply, you must provide the following:

  • personal information
  • basic budget
  • statement of why you wish to attend PASC18 and what benefits you can gain from participating
  • letter of support from your advisor or head of department (referencing any institutional support or recognition that will be provided)

Please click here to access the application form.

To apply, email your completed application form and letter of support (in PDF format) to

Selected students will be assigned a mentor for PASC18 who will help them get the most out of the conference by suggesting relevant program sessions and introducing them to experts in their research field.

Some impressions from the PASC18 Student Travel Grant recipients

Sushma Yellapragada with Prof. Olaf Schenk (Università della Svizzera italiana)

Dr. Simon Scheidegger (University of Zurich) with Jens Florian Mahlmann

"I have closely been following PASC for two years and I'm glad that it has grown as global as it is today that an opportunity for Travel Grants was included for the first time and I was able to attend PASC18 which was an experience filled with inspiration and exploration. The paper presentations and poster sessions on applications of HPC, Big Data and Machine Learning have driven new interests that I am looking forward to work on. The mentoring provided greatly helped in making the most out of the conference which I am sure will assist me in future courses of study. Moreover, the opportunity to serve as a volunteer makes it a memorable one as I made new friends, got to know about the Europen culture and most importantly about top-class European Universities!"

"PASC18 in Basel is a milestone for my Ph.D. in computational astrophysics and future career around high performance computing. The sighpc travel grant for PASC18 was the enabler for meeting researchers and industry who use HPC resources in order to solve relevant problems beyond the conventional. During the conference, I was impressed by the wide applications of climate models, struck by the application of machine learning in genetics and pharmaceutics, and overwhelmed by seeing the size of the HPC user community competing for resources like the machines and expertise of the Swiss National Supercomputing Center. The mentoring at PASC18 will follow me in my current and future work – being at my first big conference, personal exchanges about experiences and career choices, as well as introduction to scientists in my domain was invaluable. Also, these exchanges at PASC18 actively encouraged me to apply for test accounts on HPC resources in order to benchmark my own research and get ready for being part of this exciting community. I am looking forward to do so!"